Online Generation of Biped Robot Motion in an Unstructured Environment

Book Chapter

B. Borovac; M. Raković; M. Nikolić

Intelligent Systems: Models and Applications, Springer, Heidelberg


pp. 93-114


In this work is demonstrated the possibility of using primitives to generate complex movements that ensure motion of bipedal humanoid robots in unstructured environments. It is pointed out that for the robot’s motion in an unstructured environment an on-line generation of motion is required. Generation of motion by using primitives represents superposition of simple movements that are easily performed. Simple movements are either reflex or learned synchronous movements of several joints, and each of these movements represents one primitive. Each primitive has its parameters and constraints that are determined on the basis of the movements capable of performing by a human. A set of all primitives represents the data base from which primitives are selected and combined for the purpose of performing a complex movement.