Dual Arm and Multi-segment Spine Motion Control for Assistive Humanoid Robots

Conference Paper

B. Borovac; M. Raković; S. Savić; M. Nikolić

International Workshop on Research and Education in Mechatronics - REM, Vienna, Austria, June 6, 2013-June 7, 2013


pp. 235-241


This paper presents the problem of simultaneous motion control of multi-segment spine and dual arm robot. Firstly, the mechanical design of SARA robot (Socially Acceptable Robot Assistant) is described. SARA is designed to have a spine with 6 degrees of freedom (DOFs) and two arms with 7 DOFs each. The proposed mechanical design ensures good mobility and anthropomorphic motion of robot. Afterwards, kinematic parameters and dynamic model of SARA robot are introduced and simultaneous motion control of spine and arms is proposed. During the design of the control law nonlinearity and coupling of robot system has been taken into consideration. Therefore, we proposed the robust nonlinear control law that can compensate external disturbances. The control law is verified for reaching and moving of object with unknown mass located at the table in front of the robot.