Task-Oriented Control for Redundant Robots

Conference Paper

M. Nikolić; B. Borovac; M. Raković

ETRAN - Konferencija za elektroniku, telekomunikacije, računarstvo, automatiku i nuklearnu tehniku, Zlatibor, Serbia, June 11, 2012-June 14, 2012


pp. 1-4


This paper proposes task prioritization framework applicable on redundant robots. It considers tasks in form of both equalities and inequalities which are performed while maintaining actuators' driving torques between saturation limits. Having in mind that a prerequisite for realization of any task by biped robot is the maintenance of its upright position this issue is also in the focus of our study. Dynamic balance was ensured by allowing the ZMP to be anywhere within the support area. Simulations were performed, and the results proved the validity of the proposed approach.