Realization of Arms Movements for 3D Robot Model and Synchronization with Real Humanoid Robot

Conference Paper

E. Kendereši; M. Raković; M. Nikolić; M. Gnjatović; B. Borovac

10th International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics - SISY, Subotica, Serbia, Sept. 20, 2012-Sept. 22, 2012


pp. 217-220


The paper describes the simulation software for preview of the motion of humanoid robot: either graphical in 3D environment or on the real robot (KHR-1 HV was used). Such software enable synthesis (both, online and offline) and execution of humanoid movements. Execution can be performed either on the 3D model or on the real robot. Such software brings two major advantages. First, to avoid self collision and to verify movement shape all synthesized movements can be previewed before executing on the real robot. Second, such system can be used for early stages of testing different sub-systems, for example, visual system, cognitive algorithms etc.