Disturbance compensation of standing humanoid robot – Theory

Conference Paper

B. Borovac; M. Nikolić; M. Raković

15th International Scientific Conference on Industrial Systems - IS'11, Novi Sad, Serbia, Sept. 14, 2011-Sept. 16, 2011


pp. 83-89


It is expected that the humanoid robots of the near future will 'live' and work in a common environment with humans, which imposes the requirement that their operative efficiency ought to be close to that of men. The main prerequisite to achieve this is to ensure the robot's ability to compensate for the ever-present disturbances. Disturbances may be very different, both in respect of the type and the effect on the locomotion system. The work considers the different strategies for compensating disturbances, which are occurring while robot is standing still in upright position. Depending on the direction and inten-sity of the disturbance force, there are three characteristic ways by which the humanoid may react. The ways in which such compensation can be efficiently realized are proposed and then verified by simulation.