How to Compensate for the Disturbances that Jeopardize Dynamic Balance of a Humanoid Robot?

Journal Paper

B. Borovac; M. Nikolić; M. Raković

International Journal of Humanoid Robotics ISSN: 0219-8436


vol. 8(3) , pp. 533-578


It is expected that the humanoid robots of the near future will "live" and work in a common environment with humans, which imposes the requirement that their operative efficiency ought to be close to that of humans. The main prerequisite to achieve this is to ensure the robot's efficient motion, which is its ability to compensate for the ever-present disturbances. The work considers the different strategies of how to compensate for the large disturbances that jeopardize the robot's dynamic balance in a most direct way, as well as the requirements to be met in the control synthesis. The ways in which such compensation can be efficiently realized are proposed and then verified by simulation.