Robotic fabrication of freeform foam structures with quadrilateral and puzzle shaped panels

Journal Paper

M. Jovanović; M. Raković; B. Tepavčević; B. Borovac; M. Nikolić

Automation in Construction


vol. 74, pp. 28-38


In this paper a novel methodology is proposed for digital workflow and fabrication of a freeform shell made from foam materials utilizing a robot hot-wire cutting tool. The major issues of using freeform foam structures pertain to building complex shape constructions in contemporary architecture and fabrication of structural, insulated panels for double-curved walls. In order to provide an efficient method of freeform surface panelization, two different tessellation approaches are presented - a quadrilateral shaped panel and a puzzle shaped panel. A puzzle shaped panel is chosen for fabrication purposes, in order to test the benefits that come with it, including friction fit connections, and assemblability. Digital workflow based on the graphical algorithm editor Grasshopper is used for the development of complex panel shapes derived by tessellation procedures. The proposed method is tested through fabrication of a full scale architectural prototype.